Spoed PCR Test – Uitslag terwijl u wacht – Binnen 60 min

PCR-traveling certificate

Uitslag terwijl u wacht binnen 30 minuten

RIVM Gevalideerd & GGD meldplicht

Ma-vrij: 07:00-19:00

Za-Zo: 08:00-19:00

Bij een Spoed PCR Test heeft u gegarandeerd binnen 60 minuten uitslag

Bij een Spoed PCR Test krijgt u de uitslag binnen 30 minuten! Wij hebben apparatuur op de testlocaties Amsterdam (10 km van Schiphol), Rotterdam en Geldrop (Eindhoven) die de PCR test per direct verwerken. U krijgt binnen 30 minuten de uitlag en een reiscertificaat waarmee u kan reizen. De PCR Test certificaat wordt wereldwijd geaccepteerd.

Spoed PCR Test – Gegarandeerd binnen 60 minuten uitslag

€ 118,-

Resultaat terwijl u wacht
Result within 30 minutes
PCR Reiscertificaat in het Engels


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Making appointments

  • Online or by phone secured reservation
  • Online payment or cash at our locations

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Finished within 10 minutes

Do you want to be tested quickly?

Our employees need a maximum of ten minutes to test you.

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The results

Bij een PCR Spoedtest ontvangt u binnen 30 min per e-mail de uitslag en de Reiscertificaat in het Engels.

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Required at the appointment

Always bring a valid ID with you when you being tested. If you are traveling, always bring your passport.


Reliable and rapid testing on corona

All our corona tests have been validated by the RIVM. This means that it has been established that the tests work and the results are reliable. As a test location, we are obliged to report to the GGD. Is the test result positive? Then we report this. The GGD will then call you for the contact investigation.

To guarantee the quality requirements of our tests, the tests are taken under the responsibility of a BIG-registered doctor:

Meet our doctor:

As a supervising doctor, I monitor the quality, service orientation, hygiene requirements and the medical process of our test locations. The staff is trained and certified on the basis of GGD methods. veilig en zorgvuldig omgegaan wordt met uw persoonsgegeven

I have been a doctor for 14 years and a medical specialist for 5 years. In my work I am involved with acutely ill patients. Fighting the COVID-19 pandemic is one of my wishes and goals. Adequate and rapid testing is a means to achieve this goal

Drs. W Moudrous

BIG: 59912013801

Our services

Is it important for you to get a quick testresult? Are you looking for a reliable party that is concered about you coronapolicy or testing at your location? We offer you

the following servicesL

Quick clarity with the rapidtest

Do you have complaints that fit with corona and do you want clarity as soon as possible? Has one of your colleagues tested positive and do you want to know where you stand? Then our Antigen Rapid Test offers a solution. You will then have clarity within 15 minutes.

What is an Antigenrapidtest?

The Antigen Test shows whether SARS CoV-2 (or corona) antigens are present in your nasal and throat mucus. Antigens are proteins of the virus that can trigger an immune response in the body.

Approved by the RIVM (government)

We use Antigentest of the brand Roche that is validated by the RIVM and the WHO (World Health Organization). Roche has also a CE mark (European standard).

How does a rapidtest work?

At one of our locations, a certified employee takes test material from your nasal cavity with a sterile cotton swab. This test material is mixed with a liquid. Within 15 minutes you will receive the test result from us via your e-mail address.

Let op: de Antigeensneltest is minder gevoelig dan de PCR-test en is daardoor beperkt geschikt als reiscertificaat, afhankelijk van aankomstland.

Reliable PCR-test with quick results

The test that is being used most in the testlocations is the PCR-test. This test is extremely reliable when you have symptoms of the coronavirus or if you are traveling to another country. Within 24 hours you will receive the testresult with travelingcertificate.

Our PCR-tests

At one of our test locations, our certified employee takes test material from your nose and throat using a sterile cotton swab. The material is then placed in a test tube and provided with your unique code. This tube is transported to a laboratory in one of our special laboratory boxes under the most favorable conditions. There the sample is examined for active virus substances.

Partnership with a certified laboratorium

For our PCR-test we work together with a RIVM validated laboratorium.

Testresults and travelingcertificates

Are you going to travel or on holiday and do you need a travel certificate? You will have the test result within 24 hours*. The results and the English travel certificate will be sent to you via your e-mail address.? U heeft de testuitslag binnen 24 uur*. Bij een Spoedtest heeft u de uitslag binnen 30 minuten. De uitslag en het Engelstalig reiscertificaat krijgt u via uw e-mailadres toegestuurd.

Heeft u vragen over regels, voorwaarden of eisen die betrekking hebben op uw reisbestemming?

U kunt alle nodige informatie vinden op de website van Nederland wereldwijd. Bekijk altijd de actuele informatie van het land van bestemming om te weten welke test u nodig heeft.


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